December, 2019

Courtney Owens

Practice for the Christmas Show:

The students practiced extra hard this week for the Christmas show! We were all excited to perform for our parents and friends. I hope you enjoy the show!

A Peek Into Next Week:

Holiday/winter crafts

Kindergarten: Measuring in inches and centimeters:

This past week the kindergartners learned how to measure with a ruler in inches and centimeters. They even used measurments to create a monster!

A Peek Into Next Week:



Pajama Day!/DECEMBER 20th

Christmas Break | NO SCHOOL | December 23, 2019 – January 3, 2020

Enrichment Highlight

In music class, we learned about triangles and practiced our Christmas songs.

Work Time:

This student is working on the Number Rods. She is learning to match quantity to symbol and is refining her sense of order, coordination, concentration, and independence.


This student is practicing zipping. Zipping is an important care of self activity especially in the winter with getting ready to go outside in the cold.
This child is learning how to put the Trinomial Cube together while also getting an introduction into algebra and preparation for the formula a3+3a2b+3a2c+6abc+b3+3ab2+3b2c+3ac2+3bc2+c3.

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