December, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Christmas Show Practice

For the next couple of weeks the students will be working hard to practice for their Christmas Show. They are all excited to dress up as Whos from Whoville for a Grinch themed performance. If you have any questions or did not receive Ms. Faith’s email or remind message with different ideas for costumes please let her know. The students will also be reading a variety of holiday books and doing lots of holiday crafts.   

A peek into next week: Holiday Crafts

Kindergarten: Addition and Multiplication

The past week the kindergarten students used the stamp game, dot board, multiplication bead board and the small bead frame to practice addition and multiplication (repeat addition).

A peek into next week: Measuring with a Ruler in cm and in – whole measurements


Rehearsal | All School Christmas Show | Cuyahoga Falls High School Auditorium | December 11 @ 6:00 pm7:30 pm

All School Christmas Show | Cuyahoga Falls High School Auditorium | December 13 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm | NO AFTERCARE

Pajama Day | December 20

Christmas Break | NO SCHOOL | December 23, 2019January 3, 2020

Enrichment Highlight:

For science this week we learned that oxidation is when one molecule gives another electrons. We oxidized luminal using hydrogen peroxide. When the hydrogen peroxide oxidized the luminal it began to glow.Work Time:

Movable Alphabet: This child is practicing blending and forming words using the different letter sounds she has mastered “jet” “zip” “flag” and “ax”
Addition: These children are using the golden beads to discover that when you put two small numbers together (addends) you get a larger number (sum) and that this process is called addition.
Bead Board: This child is using the bead board to do static addition. It is a more abstract way to work with the decimal system. He is also familiarizing himself with the different categories: units, tens, hundreds and thousands by looking at it in a different way.
Multiplication Bead Board: This child is practicing multiplication in a way that will lead her to the memorization of the essential multiplication tables.

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