September, 2019

Courtney Owens

Classroom: Ground Rules

The first week of school we focused on the ground rules. These are the rules by which the children are able to have the freedom of movement and choice in the classroom. Some examples are: Learning to speak to others. Learning to listen to others. Learning to respectfully interrupt.

A peek into next week: Community Helpers

Kindergarten: Continents

The first week of school the kindergartners learned that there are seven continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia). They also learned where they are located on a globe/map and a fun fact about each one. For example Australia is often referred to as “the land down under.”

A peek into next week: Directions


9/2 Labor Day | NO SCHOOL

9/3 Enrichments begin

9/2o Ramseyer Farms Field Trip

Work Time:

Continent Map: this child is very proud of how he traced and labeled all seven continents.
Continent Map: this child is working hard to trace and label all seven continents.
Handwriting: this student has learned the correct stokes to successfully make a lowercase cursive t and is now practicing.
Knobless Cylinder: this child is able to visually discriminate the dimensions of each cylinder to find its correct placement to vertically build largest to smallest.
Balance Board: this child is developing his sense of balance, posture and focus in order to successfully balance on the board.
Loops: this child is developing her fine motor skills, focus and sense of order to successfully stretch the loops around the cylinder.
Digging: this child is enjoying her outside time by digging in the dirt in search for worms and other insects

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