April, 2018

Courtney Owens

Africa: Is one of the seven continents in the world that has more than 50 countries. Cairo located in Egypt is Africa’s largest city. Africans can work on farms to grow corn, rice and other crops. Africa has the largest desert in the world known as the Sahara. It also has grassy places called savannas and rain-forest. Africa is known for all its wild animals such as: gorillas, zebras, giraffes and lions.

Europe: Is one of the seven continents in the world. It is very small but has many countries like Germany, Spain and Italy. Each country in Europe has its own language, food and customs. For example people in Germany speak German and celebrate a festival called Oktoberfest. Europe also is known for its groups of mountains called ranges. The tallest mountain range in Europe is the Alps.

Work Time

I Spy: This student is playing I spy using the initial sound she hears when she names each object in the basket.
Trinomial cube: This child is learning how to build a trinomial cube, while also getting an introduction into algebra and preparation for the formula a3+3a2b+3a2c+6abc+b3+3ab2+3b2c+3ac2+3bc2+c3.
United States of America Map: These children are learning the names of the states and where they are located on a map.
Moveable Alphabet: This child is saying the word of the object and matching the symbol with the correct initial sound to the object.
Big/Small Snowflake Match: This child is developing her understanding of big and small by matching the same snowflakes of different sizes together. Understanding concepts of big and small are important for math readiness. A main concept of mathematics is understanding degrees of big and small.

Guest Reader


International Festival Rehearsal | April 18th 6pm-7pm

International Festival Show | April 20th 5:30pm-8:30pm

Early Dismissal | April 20th at noon

A peak into next week: Australia, Antarctica and Asia

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