May, 2019

Courtney Owens

Australia is the smallest of the seven continents. It is just one country surrounded by water. Australia is called the land “down under” because it is located under the equator. It has two big cities Sydney and Melbourne. The central part of Australia is called the “outback.” Australia produces more wool than any other country.

Asia is the biggest of the seven continents. It has more people living on it than all of the other continents combined. Asia has many different kinds of land such as: tundra, evergreen forest, wide grasslands, sandy deserts and tropical rain forest. The highest and lowest places on Earth are found in Asia which are Mount Everest and the Dead Sea.

Antarctica is an icy continent with no countries or people. Most people who do visit are scientist or visitors who are observing all the amazing animals and the climate. Antarctica has tall mountains that are covered by snow and ice. It also has thick sheets of ice and giant ice chunks known as icebergs.

Work Time

Blending: This child is sounding out words by slowly saying each sound in different words (m-a-t) and then saying the sounds quickly together to “read” the words (mat).
Composing Quantities: This child is practicing the sequence of numbers in the decimal system units, tens, hundreds, and thousands and recognizing what different quantities look like.
Addition: These children are using the golden beads to discover that when you put two small numbers together you get a larger number and that this process is called addition.
Addition Snake Game: This child is learning to identify sets of 10 by changing the colored snake into a golden snake. She is learning addition facts such as 4+6, 7+3, 5=+5 all equaling 10.

Guest Reader


May 8th | Grandparents Day & Book Fair

May 10th | Moms-N-Muffins | 7am to 7:45am

May 17th | Bring Your Parent to Work Time

A peek into next week: Solar System

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