January, 2020

Courtney Owens

Martin Luther King Jr:

This week we talked about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. We discussed how he wanted to make the world a better place through equality. The class learned that he talked about his beliefs through peacful walks and speeches. The students talked about how we can all learn and be together no matter what we look like.

A Peek Into Next Week: Zoo Animals


This week the kindergartners started working on division. They learned that dividing is the act of separating something into groups equally. Here are some vocabulary terms they learned: Dividend-The amount you want to divide, Divisor-The number by which another number is being divided by, Quotient-The answer of a division problem .

A Peek Into Next Week: Division

Reminders: Valentine’s party-2/14| Presidents Day-NO SCHOOL 2/17

Enrichement Highlight: Art

The students learned about contrast with Ms. Dayna. They made a collaborative piece that is hanging in the entry way!


Work Time

This preschooler is working on the flag stamps. He is learining about different countries flags while strengthening his fine motor skills to color in the stamps.

This child is woring on the Binomial Cube. This material helps develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and spacial understanding. The Binomial Cube also prepares the student for the algebraic equation: (a+b)^3=a^3+3a^2b+3ab^2+b^3.

These two preschoolers are working together on Golden Bead addition. They are learning that combining two small numbers (two addends) make a larger number (a sum).

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