Peek In Our Week *** Mr. John’s Classroom *** Week Of September 2nd, 2019

Line Time:
Ground Rules redux (I think that is a French term. hehe)….   Not really redux because we added more things such as RESPECT! and social responsibility.  Your children are catching on very quickly which makes Ms. Tonya, Ms. Kelley, and Mr. John very happy people.  We are pleasantly surprised how your children are sitting nicely on line time for over 30 minutes and how the were engaged in work throughout the morning.  Our classroom is “peaceful and productive.”  That says a lot for only being the second week of school.  I just want reiterate the teachers have some part in this behavior but it is your children that are “catching on”.  This is a good start, to a good year with GREAT children!

September Birthdays:
A Montessori classroom is comprised of students aging from 2.5 years to 6 years of age.  Here are the two newest four year old students. 



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 5 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German)

Mr. John’s musing:
It is my theory that the world’s problems do not stem from the right, the left, or apathy but instead the decline of the use in “bar soap”.  It just seems to me when liquid soap gained popularity and has taken over every household this world has gotten worse. Coincidence?  I think not!  Have your children even seen “bar soap”?   I’ve been longing for the pungent scent of Irish Spring and the mild scent of Lever 2000. So, I marched to the dollar store and purchased my favorite scents of “bar soap”.  Unfortunately,   My children were not as excited as I was and a bit confused how to use this archaic way of cleansing. In any event, I urge all of you to bring back the use of “bar soap” and make the world a better place. 





 Peek In Our Classroom:

This student is working on an animal puzzle. This material helps identify the parts of the animal. In this case it is the horse. Also, the tiny white knobs help with fine motor skills. More importantly, notice the focus he has working on this material.


The Pink Tower, the Brown Stair helped us see relationship and a visual understanding of objects getting incrementally thinner and thicker. Another purpose for these two materials is called “materialized abstractions” – the sensorial materials help bring concepts that were abstract into the concrete.


The Knobbed Cylinders are a Montessori Sensorial material, designed to assist children in making distinctions in their immediate environment. This material primarily engages the senses of touch and sight. The material is comprised of 10 different cylinders/4 different blocks with ‘knobs’ used to hold each object using the pincer grip.


This is the Trinomial Cube found in the Sensorial area. The blocks are colour coded and are different sizes to represent the algebraic Trinomial formulas. The purpose is not to teach maths but to challenge the child to find patterns and spatial relationships.


Next Week:
Line Time- Healthy Habits

Letter Of The Week-C c

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bap

Next Language will be- French

Snack will be brought to you by Ever


Upcoming Events:

Ramseyer Farms- Friday September, 20th
(permission forms have been passed out and emailed)

Picture Day- Wednesday October, 16th

——  When placing your children’s shoes/slippers on the carpeted mat in the hallway PLEASE have your child place them neatly, straight, and toes against the wall. ——

******* New parents look for the invitation for the new parent conferences coming soon. ********


Fun, Frolic, and Friends:

This one being shy!?!? Ya right!


Love the hair. Love the photo bomb. Actually, this would be a really cool album cover. Very surly and serious. hehe


Two cool dudes.


One cool happy dude!







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