Peek In Our Week ^^^ Mr. John’s Classroom ^^^ Week Of October, 28 2019

Line Time:
Birds-  We ended our journey of studying animals with the bird.  We learned birds are vertebrates and are warm-blooded, which means that they can make their own body heat even when it is cold outside. Whether it is sunny and hot outside or there is a snowstorm and it is very cold, warm-blooded animals have body temperatures that usually stay the same.  They are born from hard shelled eggs and have feathers.  A lot of birds fly but some do not.  The flightless birds are the ostrich and penguin.  We are not sure if chickens fly.

Below are Foghorn Leghorn and Eggburt Jr….  Iah say, Iah say that boy aint right.



Speaking Words Of Wisdom… (from Mr. John):
Have you ever gone out and had toothpaste on your face and clothes?  Of course you have.  My advice is to brush your teeth right before hopping in the shower.  No toothpaste on your face and certainly no toothpaste on your clothes.  Problem solved!


Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 14 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog).


Peek In The Classroom:

These girls are working on the North America Puzzle Map found in the Cultural Subjects area. Not only does this help with the understanding of Geography but the pegged puzzle pieces, which are used in most Montessori classrooms, have a secondary purpose as well. When a child grips the pegs, it’s actually preparing his or her hand to use a pencil. The pegs help to refine a child’s fine motor control, and will make the transition to holding a pencil that much smoother. Notice how she is proudly displaying the country of Canada.


These boys are working together on the Sensorial material called the Knobless Cylinders. The Knobless Cylinders are four sets of ten cylinders in each set, varying in height and/or diameter. The purpose of these cylinders is to develop child’s fine-motor movements, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception of dimension. These students discovered a pattern using two colors.


This boy is mastering the Ten Board which furthers the concept of the concrete affiliation between quantity and symbols (numbers). I may have pictured this boy working on this material in the past but I wanted to show you how he is discovering patterns with this work. Discovering patterns further enhances the child’s understanding of Math.


This girl is working on the Metal Insets found in the Language area. The Metal Insets are a delightful way for the child to prepare for writing. Holding a colored pencil to carefully trace shapes helps a child develop the fine motor control needed to write small letters. Creating patterns and designs is a secondary goal, but also increases a child’s ability to manipulate a pencil!


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Insects, Arachnids, Invertebrates

Letter Of The Week- K k

Rhyming Word Of The Week- ox

Next Language is Hebrew


Upcoming Events:
Grand Parents Day: Tuesday, November 5

Operation Christmas Child: Thursday, November 14th Check your email! Also, follow the below link to donate.


Follow link to help set up for Operation Christmas Child.


Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

We work our students to the point of exhaustion, hehe I better be careful. Next may be a pic of me in the storage room napping.


Hugging friends.


Showing off his muscles.


Stop being so silly. Nah, be as silly as you want.






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