Peek In Our Week | Mr. John’s Classroom | Week Of October 1, 2018

Line Time:
This past week we learned about Mammals.  Mammals are vertebrates (have a spine or backbone), warm blooded (their body temperature does not change), have hair or fur, live bearers, and eat/drink mother’s milk when young.  Some mammals live in the water such as dolphins and whales.  The only mammal that can fly is the bat! Cats, dogs, elephants, and rats are mammals.  Oh, and people are mammals as well. “Are we not men? We are MAMMALS………. “

If you want to play Six Degrees Of Separation for DEVO Mark Mothersbaugh’s (front man for DEVO) brother does the confirmation classes for my church.  Also, I do childcare at the church and I have cared for his niece’s children.  I know useless but interesting information.


Cultural Subjects:
Your Children can now count to ten in 8 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Japanese).


Peek In Our Classroom:

This student is working on the 2nd introduction to decimals. This work develops and gets the child more familiar with the concept of 10. She and I exchanged 10 units for 1 ten, 10 tens for 1 hundred, exchanged 10 hundreds for 1 thousand. It is a fun game enjoyed by the students.


This students was a busy girl this day. She also is learning how to read starting with “Hooked On Phonics”


This boy is working on the material called Cards And Counters. Once again the math material makes the connection between symbols/numbers and quantity.


This boy is working with one of my science bins. This bin is what is under your skin or bones. Students explore jaws, teeth, and a huge cow femur. At times they will get a magnifying glass to see the different textures of the different bones.


Ms. Ashley giving a presentation on the knobbed cylinders.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Reptiles

Letter of The Week- G g

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bid

Next Language- Arabic With The Lebanese Dialect

Next Week Snack Provider- Logan H.


Upcoming Events:
Halloween Party– October 26th (details to follow) Just putting a bug in your ear.

Bring Your Parents To School Day- Follow The Link…

Box Tops!


He is sooooo proud of his bird drawing/tracing!


Just buddies hanging out.



I’ve got glasses now.

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