Peek Into Our Week | Mr. John’s Class | Week Of September 24, 2018

Line Time:
Living and Non-Living-  This week we talked about living and nonliving things. Your children now know what makes a living thing.  All living things reproduce, grow, eat or take in nutrients, breathe or exchange gases, and need water. We are all in agreement that plants, animals, trees, grass, are living things!  My shoe is not a living thing. My youngest son’s shoes may or may not be living.  I do not get close enough to tell due to the smell and I may have seen them move on their own.  Boys that are 12 1/2 years old, SMH.


Cultural Subjects:
Your Children can now count to ten in 7 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, and Greek).


Peek In Our Week: 

A new Practical Life Activity of “Plucking The Kernels From The Cob” This enhances concentration, fine motor skills, and patience (as you can tell by the child “patiently” waiting for her turn). The corn kernels will be recycled to be part of other Practical Life Materials.


Teamwork! One Montessori Student helping another. A prime example of Grace and Courtesy.


This student is working on the Spindle box which is a Math Material. He sees the numerals 0 to 9 in sequence. He will associate the corresponding quantities with the numerals and he is introduced the concept of zero. In this exercise, the sequence of numbers is indicated on the box and the quantities are loose. So his tactile sense is used to determine the different quantities.


This child is working with The Number Rods and Symbols which are found in the Math Area. The Number Rods help establish visual discrimination of length. The Number Rods are a natural progression, naming the quantity shown on each number rod with red and blue demarcations. The symbols are added to help the child associate quantity to the corresponding symbols.


Ms. Kathleen presenting a sorting material.


Next Week:
Line Time- Mammals and their characteristics

Letter Of The Week- F f

Rhyming Word Of The Week- big

Next Language- Japanese

Who brings snack for next week? — Dylan


Upcoming Events:
Be on the lookout for information for Bring Your Parent To School.






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