Peek In Our Week *** Mr. John’s Class *** Week Of September 16, 2019

Line Time:
Food Groups,
This week we had fun learning about the food groups in our class. Grains and Cereals (pasta, rice, bread, cereal, crackers), Fruit (apples, grapes, kiwi, mango which is my favorite), Vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, potato, broccoli, eggplant, which is my favorite) Dairy (my favorite… milk, cheese, yogurt), meats (beef, pork, chicken), and proteins, fats and sugars and how many servings we should have per day.



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 8 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese)


Fun Fact:
Did you know Fruit Loops are all the same flavor?  No need eating one color before the others.  I guess I was misled my whole life and I am bitter! Toucan Sam you disappoint me.  hehe




Peek In The Classroom:

This is not a pained look on this child’s face but actually an expression of enjoyment. He is doing one of our new Practical Life works of scrubbing apples. Children at this age like to do real work and this work accommodates this need. In doing so he learns to focus his mind for the purpose of mastering a new skill. This is the start of a child’s attachment to the many Montessori materials, which build in complexity to help build concentration. To develop fine and gross-motor skills.


These two girls are working on their cursive writing skills. The uninterrupted movements of the hand may make cursive letters easier for children to form, and for this reason, Montessori primary classrooms introduce children to cursive writing first.


These children are working on the sand tray which is a pre-cursive handwriting material. The Montessori sand tray is simply a tray filled with sand. Its purpose is to help a child learn how to trace letters and numbers on his own, while allowing for the same tactile and sensorial experience as the sandpaper letters and numerals.


This student is using the Trinomial Cube which is a staple work found in the sensorial area of the Montessori classroom. The blocks are color coded and are different sizes to represent the algebraic Binomial and Trinomial formulas. The purpose is not to teach math but to challenge the child to find patterns and spatial relationships. In further issues I will reveal the algebraic formula.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Living and Non-Living Things

Letter Of The Week- E e

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bad

Next Language is Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect

Person bringing snack for week of 9/23/2018 is Amelia


Upcoming Events:

Picture Day- Wednesday October, 16th


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Frolic, Friends, and Fun:

Hugs run rampant in Mr. John’s classroom and that is OK.


This one certainly knows what to do when a camera is pointed her way.


These two are sharing some “girl time” over snack.


Just chillin’ and posin’













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