Peek In Our Week *** Mr. John’s Class *** Week Of May 20, 2019

Line Time:
Put on your space suit and get ready to explore our solar system.  We started with discussing the planets nearer the sun then worked our way to the furthest reaches of our solar system.  Mercury is our first planet and is the closest to the sun.  Venus is the second planet.  Even though it is further away from the sun than Mercury it is the hottest planet in our solar system.  The third planet is near and dear to our hearts.  It is the planet earth.  It is the only planet in our solar system that has life.  The next planet is Mars and is known as the red planet.  The next planet is the biggest planet in our solar system and has a big red storm that has been raging for centuries.  That planet is Jupiter.  Saturn is the next planet and has really cool ring around it that are pieces of rock and ice.  Uranus is next and it spins up and down instead of side to side like all the other planets.  Neptune is the last planet in our solar system.  I did not forget about Pluto.  Oh! Poor Pluto.  Pluto was once a planet but now has been demoted to a dwarf planet.   As a side note did you notice that some planets were named after Roman Gods and Goddesses?  Some of the students made the connection.


Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 28 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Greek, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, Welsh, Dutch/Flemmish, Polish, Serbo-Croation, Cebuano, Malay, Hindi, Farsi).


Fun Fact:
German Chocolate Cake is named after an American baker by the name of Samuel German, and has no affiliation with the country of Germany.



Fire Department Field Trip and Police Visit:

Officer Russ brought is partner Jorik a Belgian Malinois police dog.  Officer Russ explained what police officers and what police dogs do to protect people



The children enjoyed the visit to the Fire Station.  The firefighter dressed in his fire fighting gear and sounded like Darth Vader when he talked and breathed.  We toured a fire engine and looked into an ambulance.


Peek In Our Classroom:

A scene at the art table. Art is one of the many ways children express themselves. Art is a way for children to communicate their feelings. It is through art that children develop their fine motor skills. In the Montessori environment, we provide open-ended art activities that help children explore and use their creativity.


Even when you can count on your hand how many workdays are left the students continue to be hard workers.


The students have fun making their own tie dye t-shirts. We made them for better identification at the Cleveland Science Center.


Next Week:
Line Time- Safety

Letter Of The Week- U u

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bec

Next Language will be- None planned

Snack will be brought to you by Lucas


Upcoming Events:
########    NO SCHOOL MONDAY MAY 27    ########

*** Great Lakes Science Center Field Trip, Tuesday May 28 ***

********** Field Day, Thursday May 30 **********



Fun, Frolic, and Friends:

I found a Conglomerate in my driveway. When I took this picture I heard that comment exactly 11 times.


I am dyin’ here. Even after the student got a haircut he still has longer hair than me. I am thinking of throwing in the towel.















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