Peek In Our Week () Mr. John’s Class () Week of February 1, 2021

Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
The class went green for the week learning about recycling, conserving energy, and pollution.  I explained that pollution was anything that made our environment dirty.  We learned there is littering.  Littering can be people throwing trash on the side of the road or dropping a candy wrapper in the woods.  We now know that we need to put trash in an appropriate container.  We learned that air pollution is created by factories’ smokestacks and cars exhaust,  but cars are just one of the factors that produce air pollution, there are also other reasons.  Water Pollution is caused by factories dumping chemicals in the water or people throwing trash in the water instead of putting it in a trash can.  The 3 R’s were introduced and now we all know to reduce, reuse and recycle!  We thought of ways to conserve energy.  We came up with turning off lights in rooms we are not in or turning off the TV if we are not watching it.  We thought of turning off the water while we are brushing our teeth or turning down the heat and wearing a sweater instead.  During the kindergarten lesson a student realized the room was just as light with the lights off as it was if the lights were on.  Now we do our kindergarten lesson without lights.




Did you know? (This sounds better than Online Dating!)
Bobbing for apple’s origins are more rooted in love and romance than tricks and treats. In fact, it began as a British courting ritual, popular among young ladies and their potential beaus. There were several variations of game: In one set of rules, each apple was assigned to a potential mate. The bobber would then attempt to bite into the apple named for the young man she desired. If it only took her one try, they were destined for romance. If she succeeded with her second attempt, he would court her but their love would fade. If it took three tries, their relationship was doomed.


A Message From Mr. John (the three most important things in my life, make that four):


Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 19 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Irish, Kiswahili, Irish)

Know Your Languages (Welsh):


February Birthdays:
A Primary Montessori Classroom consists of students ages 3 years to 6 years old.  Here is our newest 6 year old student. It looks like he has a loose tooth.



Peek In The Classroom:

The direct purpose of the sandpaper letters is to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory. The child is encouraged to trace the symbol over and over again until the shape of the letter becomes a part of the child’s muscle memory.


She is working on the stamp game (addition with carry overs, dynamic). The Stamp Game is a Montessori math material used by an individual child to practice the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is a wonderfully simple but effective learning from home option that, once presented to your child correctly, they can work on independently.


She is working on the Blue Rhyming material which focuses on longer phonetic sounds. Rhyming helps children learn about word families such as swing, bring, sling. Rhyming also teaches children the sound of the language. Other important skills include phonological awareness, the ability to notice and work with the sounds in language.


This boy is working on Cards and Counters found in the math area. The Cards and Counters bring the abstract to the concrete, allowing a child to feel the units as they count. Cards and Counters is a material that consists of 10 number cards, 1-10, and 55 round, red counters, each approximately the size of a nickel. Then he neatly places the appropriate amount of counters under the numbers. This work also introduces the concept of odd and even numbers.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Presidents of the USA

Letter Of The Week- T t

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bed

Next Language is Welsh

Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme: Geometric Solids

We practiced writing sentences in cursive. 

The posse called Kindergarten.


Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Fractions

Synonym Of The Week: FAT:  overweight, big, bulky, heavy, plump

Sight Words Of The Week: would about


Upcoming Events:
A few days off.

February 12th, Friday (Teacher In Service Day)
February 15th, Monday (President’s Day)

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

Just a girl loving her daily work plan.


Is this the season for haircuts? Again, I noticed something different about her. Did she leave her glasses at home, no. Did she shaved her mustache, no. My questioning led to an emphatic “I got a haircut!”


I thought you had to be 18 years old to get a tattoo.


Ya shoulda seen the other guy!


Same girl, same day. I thought it was a black eye but false alarm for a “you should have seen the other guy”. It was just marker that reached her eye.


Your Kids say The Darndest Things (yummy things at lunch):








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