Peek In Our Week — Mr. John’s Class — Week Of December 17, 2018

Line Time:
This week we learned about Christmas around the world and how different countries celebrate Christmas.  In Italy many children believe in Befana which is a kind old witch that leaves candy at children’s houses.  In England Christmas crackers (not a food) are used.  They are small tubes covered with colorful paper and when pulled a crack noise is made and a small toy and a joke falls out.  The Germans call the Christmas tree the Tannenbaum.  In France they say Joyeux Noel which means Happy Christmas.  In Sweden have St. Lucia Day on December 13th.  St Lucia was a young Christian girl who lived  circa 304. The most common story told about St Lucia is that she would secretly bring food 
to Christians in Rome, who lived in hiding in the catacombs under the city. She would wear candles on her head so she had both her hands free to carry things. Lucy means ‘light’ so this is a very appropriate name.


Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 15 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Greek, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, and Hebrew).


Guest Reader:
Pastor Kirk read a story about a Christmas Tree that was not perfectly formed. 


Peek In Our Classroom:

Beginning handwriting exercises include tracing. She is tracing her line time name tag. Students like to trace and collect their name tags or they trace the name and give it that particular student.


This boy is working on the metal insets (aka metal insects, hehe). The purposes of this material ( and there are a lot) is grip and hold the pencil (and hold the pencil upright), refine hand control to steady the pencil, develop movements of straight and curved lines, in preparation for letter formation or a continual line which can assist with cursive. Develop hand-eye coordination, to make small coordinated movements, develop fine muscles in the hand but also the larger muscles required for sitting and maintaining posture for writing, and focus the mind, develop and strengthen the child’s concentration. Make movements up and down and left to right (when filling in or shading), this is significant when reading and writing, practice order, repetition, and memory recall, develop geometric sense including the name of each shape, how it is constructed, how it looks when turned or moved, how it relates to other shapes.  **** We got our money’s worth out of this material ****


This student is working on the construction boxes. This material(s) is found in the Sensorial Area. The use of the shapes and vivid color attracts the student to this material. The aims for this material is Direct- To show that by joining together different triangles, four-sided figures are formed.  Indirect- Preparation for geometry: to show that all plane figures constructed with straight lines are composed of triangles.




This student just completed and mastered the Color Bead Bars found in the Math area. This material reinforces the relationship between quantity and symbol (the number). Each bead is colored which is attractive to the student and each color has a different physical quantity. She just matched the bead to the corresponding number.  *** Look how proud she is as looks upon her work ****


Next Week:
Line Time- The 5 Senses

Letter Of The Week- O o

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bug

Next Language will be- Korean

Snack will be brought to you by Josie


Upcoming Events:

****************  Winter Break: December 22, Saturday through January 6, Sunday  ****************

                                         — Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season —  



Fun, Frolic, and Friends:



Buddies just hanging out.


My Lunch Bunch













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