Peek In Our Week | Mr. John’s Class | Week of August 27, 2018

Line Time:

The opening week is a joy and a challenge all wrapped into one.  I love the fresh start, seeing returning students, and meeting new ones.  The first few weeks of the new school year during line time we go over the rules of the classroom.  We go over our “Big 4” rules… 1.) Walking (No running in the classroom).  Because if you run and fall into a shelf or hit your hear on the concrete floor which will win your head or the shelf? 2.) Use your listening ears.  3.)  Keep your hands and body to yourself.  The one I feel is most important… 4.) Be respectful.  Which simply means be nice to people or treat people how you would like to be treated. We also go over how to carry, roll, and unroll a mat, put our shoes and slippers neatly on the mat (straight, together, and toes touching the wall).  We pick up where we left off with the returning students with lessons and evaluate and access where the new students are.

I do have to say that the first week went very smoothly.  I do need to thank Kathleen with her 5 plus years working with me and Ashlie who did a wonderful job being her first week with me for the smooth start.


Peek Into Our Week:

This student is working with the Density Bottle. Ever hear the phrase “Oil and Water Don’t Mix”?  This student will soon find out this concept.


An older friend giving a lesson to a younger/first time student.


This boy is using the Practical Life Work of stringing large beads. This enhances the child’s fine motor skills and concentration.


Gross Motor Activities are important to a child’s physical and mental development.


We teachers love listening to stories!


Line Time in the hall way.


Photo Aug 27, 12 23 20 PM.jpg    20180827_142537.jpg    20180828_094645.jpg




20180830_092347.jpg        20180831_125117.jpg


20180831_134326.jpg  20180828_120549.jpg  20180828_094734.jpg


Cultural Subjects:

We learned how to count to ten in 3 different languages (English, Sign Language, and Latin)


Next Week:

Line Time: Classroom Rules

Letter Of The Week: Bb

Rhyming Word Of The Week: ban

Adding Spanish to the Line Time Lesson

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