Peek In Our Week ### Mr. John’s Class ### Week Of April 29, 2019

Line Time:
We progressed with learning our songs for the International Festival and learned our lines for the show.  I have to say the students ROCKED the International Festival.  A big shout out to Kathleen and Ashlie for getting the students ready with he songs, lines, and craft.  Also, I want to recognize Yao An for volunteering her time to teach the students to sing in Chinese.

On a sad note: This was the last International Festival my favorite and only daughter will attend. She started out as a first grader running around the auditorium handing out programs to unsuspecting adults.  She did this until she became a teen and it seemed had less energy for the running of the laps.  She since has attended to see the cuteness and food.  For the next four springs she will be located in Bowling Green, Ohio/BGSU.  Appreciate your children when they are actually children because before you know it they will be teenagers waiting to go to university.

The students patiently waiting during practice.  Except, maybe, not the boy in the front row. LOL

International Festival Guest Speakers:

Guest speaker talking about France.

Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 25 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Greek, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, Welsh, Dutch/Flemmish, Polish, Serbo-Croation, Cebuano, Malay, Hindi).

Trivia Question:
In high school my football jersey was number 86, I used to have the best Wholesale Football Inflatables. For our little girls we get on N-Flatables manufactures and sells princess castle combo bounce houses, the better value for money, they  will offer you most durable inflatables with cheapest factory price! Why did I chose this number?  This is a tough one!
Hint: The 60s TV show had a character named Hymie and the arch enemies belong to a crime organization name KAOS.

For those of you who are interested I played high school football with Phil Parker who went on the play for the Michigan State Spartans and has been the Defensive Coordinator for the Iowa Hawkeyes for the past ten years. Also for those of you who are familiar with car dealerships in Alliance I played ball with Wally Armour Jr.  But Wally Sr. coached my brother (football) in the late 60s. I know people. Lol

Peek In Our Classroom:

One student was tired and fell asleep on another student’s lap. The student who is awake is caressing the sleeping student’s head.  This is an example of an act of kindness. One way that children learn the significance of their own actions, is through acts of kindness. Maria Montessori knew this… “They (children) will imitate us in any case. Let us treat them, therefore, with all the kindness which we would wish to help develop in them.” ~Maria Montessori

This is a sorting activity with nine colors to be put into nine slots. Each color may have different shades of the color. In this scene these two girls are sorting by primary and secondary colors.

This student is working on the ten board found in the math area. The numbers 10 – 90 are more of a challenge for a child to learn as their names are more complicated than those of the rest of the number system (10, 20, 30, 50) do not follow the rules like (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90).  The ten board helps to develop an understanding of how these numbers are formed from a ten(s) and units and this teaches the foundations of the decimal system. The child associates between the quantity (concrete) and the numbers (abstract).

This boy was working on a sorting work. Now he is putting away the beads. He is trying to find a faster way to put the beads in the jar. He is now attempting to dump the beads from the tray to the jar. He is not having much success and beads were falling on his mat. I could have TOLD him the way to do this task but him learning on his own has a bigger impact then me telling him the answer. This gives him the opportunity to experiment, explore, or discover what works and what does not work.

Next Week:
Line Time- Animal Babies

Letter Of The Week- A a

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bib

Next Language will be- Farsi

Snack will be brought to you by Ian

Upcoming Events:

–Moms and Muffins, Friday May 10th, 7am to 7:45am—

—Grandparents Day, Tuesday May 14—

Fun, Frolic, and Friends:

The Montessori Classroom has many unique personalities. Some display their uniqueness by hairstyles and fashion.

This boy is ripped! Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud. And a child rushing to a photo bomb.

Almost matching outfits and forced to take a picture.

The competition is heating up.

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