Peek In Our Week | Mr. John’s Class/Buckeye Room | Week Of August 30, 2021

Line Time:
Ground Rules:
What a wonderful start to our school year!  This week we learned about the ground rules in our classroom.  We learned the expected behaviors for work time and were introduced to new work trays in the Practical Life area so that we can strengthen our fine motor skills.  We learned how to roll and unroll a mat.  The four main rules are 1) No running in the classroom.  2) Listening Ears.  3) Keep our body to our self. 4) Treat people and the room with respect. We are learning how to shake hands, look each other in the eye while shaking hands, and reply with pleasantries when I say good morning (students respond “Good morning Mr. John).  What a great start to a great school year!

Two students practicing  shaking hands.


A Message From Mr. John:


Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 5 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German)


August Birthdays:
A Montessori Classroom consists of 3 to 6 year old students.  Here are our newest 4 and 5 year old students.


Fun Fact:
Flamingos bend their legs at their ankles and not their knees.













Peek In The Classroom:

Ms. Angela presenting a group lesson to new students.

This boy is working on the Teen Board which is found in the Math area. The Montessori Teen Board is a great way to introduce the concept of teens to a child. Not only children see how tens and ones are being build to make teens, but they are also physically building teens themselves. Notice how he set up the teen numbers in random order?


She is working on the Number Rods. The Number Rods also help children learn the names of numbers and their sequence and learn to correctly associate between the spoken number and its quantity. Children grow to understand that each rod represents a unique quantity and that each number is represented by a single object as a whole, separate from others.


The Knobbed Cylinders are the first lesson in the Sensorial area. The Knobbed Cylinders are a Montessori Sensorial material, designed to assist children in making distinctions in their immediate environment. This material primarily engages the senses of touch and sight. The material is comprised of 10 different cylinders with ‘knobs’ used to hold each object using the pincer grip. This is the start of the vast journey in my classroom.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Healthy Habits 

Letter Of The Week- C c

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bap

Next Language is French


Upcoming Events:
Labor Day- ****No School Monday September 6, 2021. *****  There is always one family that shows up.  Who will it be this year? LOL

Sign up for Remind and Transparent Classroom.


Academic Enrichment aka Kindergarten:

Meet the Kindergarten Class of 2022!

Weekly Theme:
Continents and Cardinal Directions

We practiced writing  in cursive Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Hemispheres, Equator, Prime Meridian

Synonym Of The Week: FAST:  hurried, speedy, brisk, quick, swift

Sight Words Of The Week: up so


Frolic, Friends, and Fun:

These are the slippers without an owner. “The Case of the Homeless Slippers” continue.


Students under the table? Sometime you just don’t ask.


The difference of age and size in the Montessori Classroom (boy edition)


The difference of age and size in a Montessori Classroom (girl edition)


Your Child Says The Darndest Things:






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