Peek In Our Week ~ Mr. John ~ Week Of February 5th, 2018


Best friends, besties, BFF’s, call it what you will but the camaraderie in the Montessori Classroom runs deep.


Happy Birthday:
The Primary Montessori Classroom is comprised of students ranging ages from 2 1/2 to 6 years.  Here are my newest 5 year old student, 6 year old student, and our 29 year old teacher.



Healthy Teeth:
We had a Dental Hygienist visit our room and she explained the importance of brushing and flossing.  Also, the students played a game of healthy/unhealthy foods for your teeth.



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can count to ten in 20 different languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, and Welsh).


Line Time Lesson:
The class went green for the week learning about recycling, conserving energy, and pollution.  I explained that pollution was anything that made our environment dirty.  We learned there is littering.  Littering can be people throwing trash on the side of the road or dropping a candy wrapper in the woods.  We now know that we need to put trash in an appropriate container.  We learned that air pollution is created by factories’ smokestacks and cars exhaust, because everyone love their clasiq cars now a days, some even get special protection for their windows as you can see in this website for more information, but cars are just one of the factors that produce air pollution, there are also other reasons.  Water Pollution is caused by factories dumping chemicals in the water or people throwing trash in the water instead of putting it in a trash can.  The 3 R’s were introduced and now we all know to reduce, reuse and recycle!  We thought of ways to conserve energy.  We came up with turning off lights in rooms we are not in or turning off the TV if we are not watching it.  We thought of turning off the water while we are brushing our teeth or turning down the heat and wearing a sweater instead.  During the kindergarten lesson a student realized the room was just as light with the lights off as it was if the lights were on.  Now we do our kindergarten lesson without lights.


Peak In Our Room:

Kindergarten Students have deadlines of work that is assigned. These girls are feverishly working to get their work done before the deadline or face “The Wrath Of John” . Just a play on words for you Trekkies.  For Non -Star Trek Fans it’s the movie named “Wrath Of Khan”.


This boy combined two weeks of lessons by putting together Elvis The Pelvis and placing internal organs where they are supposed to go. I did not teach him this and he came up with this himself. The Montessori classroom gives the child room to explore and create.


This student is receiving a lesson on The 9 Tray. He was in awe with how tall the thousand cubes stacked and this may have been an “ah ha” moment where he physically sees “how big/much” nine thousand is compared to nine units.


These two students are practicing writing cursive with the sand tray and writing on paper. The uninterrupted movements of the hand may make cursive letters easier for children to form, and for this reason, Absorbent Minds Montessori School introduces children to cursive writing first.


What’s Next:

Line Time For Week Of 2/12/2018: Presidents of the USA
Letter Of The Week:  T t
Rhyming Word Of The Week:  bed
Language:  Dutch/Flemish will be added


Mark your calendar


~~~~   Daddy/Daughter, Mommy/Son Dance ~~ Saturday February 10, 2018, 2 pm to 4 pm  ~~~~


An email was sent for information for the second round of Parent Observations

Follow the link below to sign up to observe in my classroom.


Valentine Day Party on 2/14/2018- 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Follow the link for the information.


NO SCHOOL 2/16/2018 (FRIDAY) AND 2/19/2018 (MONDAY)


Lunar New Year commonly known as Chinese New Year 2/15/2018  Year of the Dog






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