Peek In Our Week | Mr. John Class | Week Of April 23rd, 2018

Line Time:

This week we learned about Life Cycles.  We went over the life cycle of mammals which is a very boring life cycle as our birds, reptile and fish.  We did discover that the life cycle of a toad/frog is a bit more unique (jelly eggs, tadpoles, froglet, frog).  Although, the life cycle of the butterfly is very interesting (eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis / cocoon, butterfly/moth).


Cultural Subjects:

Your children can count to ten in 25 different languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, Welsh,  Dutch/Flemmish, Polish, Serbo-Croation, Cebuano, Malay, Hindi, and Farsi).


Peek In Our Week:

This girl is working on the 10 Board/composing number from 11 to 99. This reinforces symbol, quantity and pattern. Notice the patter she came up with on her own?


She is working on the 9 Tray. The 9 Tray reinforces symbols, quantity, and patterns.


He is working with the Blue Rectangle Box. This work you can make many shapes. He discovered he can make a ginormous hexagon.


This student is working on the hundred board. The Hundred Board reinforces numbers/symbols and patterns.

Next Week:

Line Time- Food Chains

Letter Of The Week- A a

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bib

Adding Language of Turkish


Upcoming Events:

Moms and Muffins – May 11th, Friday 7am to 7:45am School Gym

Grandparents Day- May 16th, Wednesday

Zoo Field Trip May 25th, Friday

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