A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of October 1

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Maria Montessori

I like to refer to the three to six year old age range as the “Meadow Years,” where everything is light, fun, maybe a little breezy at times, but overall a calm, pleasant walk in a meadow. I like to lovingly refer to the elementary age range as the “Monster Truck Years,” where everything is a mess, no one can hear anyone else, and you aren’t entirely sure if what’s happening is supposed to be happening or if something has gone terribly wrong.

Joking aside, this is a very different time in your child’s life. They are craving independence and to push boundaries. They want to learn more about the world outside of their family, neighborhood, or school. They want to try new things to see what is acceptable, or what they can get away with. One of my favorite ways to quench this thirst for new experiences and knowledge is through walking trips. This week some of our students joined us for our annual trip to the Tallmadge Circle to reinforce previous lessons on using a compass and designing a map key. Students had the experience of walking a little further than they probably do around their neighborhood, had to pay attention when crossing roads, and had to follow multi-step directions at each exit of the circle. Student only field trips, going-out experiences, and having pen pals are other times we encourage students to be independent in their exploration of the outside world!

Our Upper Elementary students received their first letters from their Upper Elementary pen pals at a Montessori school in Thailand! The students found out the names of their pen pals, what sports they play, what food they eat, and who their friends are! Some of our students that have started writing back are sharing their favorite food and sports, but also asking questions about the climate, holidays, and currency of Thailand! We are so excited to learn more about Asia from our friends!
This week our Lower Elementary students had a lesson on the Timeline of Life. The Timeline of Life explains how life on Earth started in the water and gradually developed and changed until life looked like what we have today. Students learn about mass extinctions of animals throughout history and about ice ages. Our students always love trying to pronounce names of extinct animals and enjoy making a book showing what they have learned about each era afterward!
These students are working with the Addition Snake Game. This material is made of different colored beads, golden beads, and black and white beads. The students build a colorful “snake” of beads, count until they make 10 and do exchanging of bead bars with the black and white beads when necessary. This work helps children recognize which number combinations form 10 to help with addition facts.
This student is recording his work with the Movable Alphabet and the Fish Bowl. With the Fish Bowl, he drew a word, turned it over, and spelled the word from memory. When he was finished spelling a word, he would flip the card back over to check his spelling. This work helps children recognize spelling patterns, sound out words, and helps their short term memory!
On our way to Tallmadge Circle!
Our students here are sketching what they see on West Ave. from the circle. They drew the details of signs, trees, buildings, and other structures.
All of our students here are sketching South Ave. while on the grass by the parking lot of the circle. They all enjoyed drawing Jubilee Donuts from this location. When students are finished coloring their sketches, they will arrange them around a circle on a poster board to represent Tallmadge Circle. Look for these to be on display in the next few weeks!

A Peek at Next Week

Next week, the first year students will work on memorizing addition facts, will practicing reading with “Magic E,” will do the Dance of the Molecules, and will continue studying North America! Second year students will begin multiplying on the Large Bead Frame (they are so excited!), will research how animals satisfy their needs, and will study a country of North America or a state. Our third year students will multiply by a four digit multiplier on the Checkerboard, will continue studying equivalence between the Constructive Triangles, will study porifera, and will research a place in North America. Fourth year students will discuss factors, will continue studying Euclid’s Theorem, will study another time analogy, and will discuss matter. Fifth year students will review the BCE/CE Timeline, will discover math patterns in the Sieve of Peter, will continue studying equivalence of a decagon and pentagon, and will begin an in-depth study of the animal kingdom.


  • STEM begins today, October 5! Your child will sign themselves out at 3:00 so you will not have to worry about that at pick up. All parents who have a child participating are required to sign up to come to a class and to provide snack. You can sign up here.
  • Upper Elementary ONLY Bowling Event is tonight, October 5! We will see you at 6:30 at Sto-Kent (3870 Fishcreek Rd. Stow, Oh 44224 ).
  • Tuesday, October 9 – Cleveland Zoo Field Trip – This is a student-only field trip. We will take a bus to the zoo around 9 and will return at 2. Please make sure your child wears comfortable shoes and is dressed for the weather. Please pack their lunch in a disposable bag with disposable containers.
  • Tuesday, October 16 and Wednesday, October 17 – “Bring Your Parents to ‘Work Time’.” You must be signed up to attend to ensure that we do not disturb the other children while they are working. The Monday before these days, you will receive information on how to observe and our expectations from visitors. Please be sure to read all of the information before coming! Sign up here.
  • Friday morning, October 26 – “Caps for Sale” performance for Cuyahoga Falls Primary classes. Details will be emailed out closer to the event. “Caps for Sale” performance for parents – TBA
  • Friday afternoon, October 26 – Elementary Halloween Party – Elementary parties are student only. These events are planned and executed by the students, but we may need your help with supplies. Ask your child next week what committee they have joined!
  • Tuesday, October 30 – Book Fair!

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