A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of October 28

“The only thing to fear, is fear itself…and children with Halloween candy.”

Our Halloween Party was a blast! Our students prepared games like pumpkin bowling and balloon hockey. Our decorations group prepared a mummy craft with masking tape and Popsicle stick spider webs. Our food committee planned for us to have Rice Krispy treats and ghost cookies. Our decoration committee did a spooktacular job!

Lower Elementary by Ms. Marlee

This second grader really enjoys picking math works off the shelf. Here he is working on the multiplication bead board where he uses beads to visually represent the multiplication equations. Not only is he committing these math facts to memory using a tangible representation but he is perfecting his fine motor skills and concentration.
We love seeing our students research new topics! This second grader is reading one of our new library books about the RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, and HMHS Britannic. Before beginning his reading he wrote questions based on what he wanted to know. While reading he added to his research and even asked more questions as he went.

Upper Elementary by Ms. Ashley

This student is working on plotting points on a graph. He is reading x and y coordinates to create a pattern, which leads to a picture of something familiar. Previously, they made a comic “Zap” picture and are now working on the Earth and an animal! Check these out on our bulletin board!
This fourth year student is working on diagramming sentences. He is finding the predicate, the subject, and the direct and indirect objects! This helps children become familiar with how to write sentences of varying lengths and parts.


This week, Ms. Dayna was out, so Ms. Marlee stepped in to lead our art class! Our students completed “Yarn Paintings.” These “paintings” were created by students laying yarn out to create a picture on contact paper. They had a great time!

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