A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of November 11

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

Yesterday we worked together with Ms. Courtney’s class to pack our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Our students packed their own boxes with the help of a few parents, then helped along Ms. Courtney’s students! Each child that wanted to help, was given a part of the assembly line and a younger student. They helped the younger students choose one of each item and pack them successfully in the boxes!


  • Tyler and Ellie (Grinch 1 and Grinch 2) – Grinch costumes, green face paint optional, shoes that will allow them to move quickly and safely across the stage and on stairs
  • Caiden (Max the Dog) – dog costume – we will be adding an antler headband during the performance, so nothing on his head other than dog ears
  • Hana (Cindy Lou Who) – plenty of costume ideas on Amazon, Pinterest, and Google for Cindy Lou – may have extreme hair if she would like
  • All other students¬†will need to dress like Whos from Whoville. I am adding some photos below for ideas, but be creative! Please do not give your child tall hair or tall head props so we can ensure all parents will be able to see their children on the risers. Cindy Lou is a taller student and her tall hair (if she chooses) will not be blocking anyone. Whos also need shoes that will allow them to move quickly and safely across the stage and on stairs.

Lower Elementary

Our Lower Elementary students are studying South America. After learning more about it with Ms. Erica, they are researching a flag and information from a country of their choice. This student has created his flag and now needs to research three fun facts!
This week we packed our boxes for Operation Christmas Child! Before we were able to pack our boxes, we needed to write letters to the children that will be receiving the boxes. This second year student is using a template created by Ms. Brandy to complete her letter!

Upper Elementary 

These fourth year students are helping a third year friend work on the Racks and Tubes. One student is working with the tens’ and units’ boards while the third year student is working on the thousands’ and hundreds’ boards. Our other fourth year student is helping ensure that all exchanges are correct and accurate.
Each Monday our Upper Elementary students read an article about new scientific discoveries or current events. This week, they read about the Darwin Bark Spider. This spider spins the largest webs and has webs stronger than Kevlar!

Enrichments by Ms. Erica

Elementary had fun trying to stretch out wire during art class!
It’s hard to believe it’s already time, but elementary is beginning to work on their Christmas play! We are excited for you to see our Bell Choirs!

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