A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of May 6

“There’s no place like home…except Grandma’s.”

What a wonderfully eventful week we had! Our grandparents joined us, we had “Moms and Muffins,” a book fair, completed a collaborative art project, and had a virtual field trip to the Dominican Republic to learn about coral reefs! Grandparents’ Day was such a blast. We had recorder songs played by different groups of students based on skill level, we had beautiful piano solos, and some amazing Latin skits! We learned so many new Latin phrases and were highly entertained by the skits written by our students to perform for their grandparents. Our students also participated in a word list challenge, an interview with their grandparents, and made a craft about all of the things they love about each other! Thank you to Ms. Lisa, Mr. Matt, and all of our wonderful grandparents!

These students participated in a collaborative art project. First, we all mixed colors of Play-Doh to get orange, green, and purple for this project. Next, each student picked what part of a creature they would like to build. Each student had their own idea of what creature they would like to build, but could not tell each other what they had in mind! At the end, our groups built some amazingly unique creatures. Here there is a mermaid-unicorn-alligator.
This group made an alligator-spider-caterpillar!
Working together to create new words out of the letters in “Happy Grandparents’ Day!” We had many groups come up with over 100 words!
Interviewing her grandparents to learn more about their childhood!
This pair is working hard!
All smiles completing their challenge!
These students were playing “The Wedding March!”

“A Peek at Next Week”

This week, all students will write a letter to an incoming student of their current year to send over the summer! Our first year students will discuss numerators and denominators, will review types of angles, will discuss parts of the fruit, and will study Antarctica. Our second year students will discuss the power of numbers, will study more polygons, and will talk about flower placement on a stem. Our third year students will do large mental math with our Large Bank Game, will finish discussing quotation marks, will begin learning how to find the area of a rectangle, and will study echinoderms. Our fourth year students will learn about greatest common factor, transmogrified words, and will continue studying Native Americans. Our fifth year students will cube a binomial, will learn about reflexive verbs, and will be introduced to the Middle Ages.


  • “Bring Your Parents to Work Time” this Tuesday and Wednesday. There are still many spots available. Sign up here.
  • NO SCHOOL – Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day
  • Thursday, May 30 – Last Day of School – Laser Quest Field Trip – Come join us! Permission slips came home in Reading Logs or Friday folders!

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