A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of May 22

This week our “Peek” was written by our students! These students read our previous blogs, took pictures around the room, and filled in a blog template. The students did some editing together, and with a teacher, so what you will read below is their final product. There are still some misspelled words in their final product, but in a Montessori classroom we focus on the process, instead of the end result. Dr. Montessori believed when we put all of the emphasis on the final product, we devalue everything leading up to that point. This can discourage repetition which will make mastery of a skill difficult. The purpose of the students writing the blog is to provide you with a glimpse into the room through their eyes, to provide them with practice of real world skills, and to give them a deeper understanding of the materials in the room. We hope you enjoy their work!

“A Peek at Our Year” by the 2018-2019 Elementary Class


This year my favorite work in 5th grade was cubing. Cubing is a fun math. It can be confusing. I learned and memorized a lot of new facts. My goal for next year is to plan a fun learning field trip. My goal for next year is to be more calm.


My favorite field trip was to the Cleveland History Museum. My favorite event was the book fair. One of my favorite times in the classroom was taking TerraNova Tests. My goals are to get 100% every time and to take good notes.


My favorite field trip was when we went to the history museum where we dissected a sheep heart. One of my favorite times being in the classroom is when we do a big work that we like. One of my favorite works are the early humans folders. My goal for next year is to focus. My other goal is to get better at math.


My favorite work is Lattice Multiplication. Tyler and I do it together. My favorite field trip was the museum. I like to work with my friends and teachers. We have so much fun. My goals for next year are to do my best and to master division on paper.


I really like to do multiplication on paper. I really like the Wax Museum because we got to do a backdrop. I really like gym because my grandpa is the coach. I really hope to stay organized. I really hope to learn division on paper.


Lattice Multiplication is one of my favorites. Handwriting is also my favorite. Multiplication on paper is also a favorite work. My goals are to learn division on paper and early humans.


Meeting Jane Goodall was my favorite part of this year. My favorite work is Lattice Multiplication. I liked making a guitar. My goals for next year are to have good notes and to make my work neat.


My favorite things are the Checkerboard, Peg Board, and the Imaginary Island. My favorite field trip is the McKinley Museum. My goals for next year are to always get my work done, to never give up, and to start off the year with 100%.


I really like Checkerboard. I loved the “Instrument Petting Zoo.”  I also loved the Cleveland Zoo field trip. I hope to learn more great works. I also hope to make new friends.



I liked to do the Wax Museum because we got to do a speech. I’m thankful that I learned multiplication on paper. I’m glad we got to go to a museum. I hope I learn division on paper. I want to learn Racks and Tubes: 4 Digit.


I love when we went on our first field trip. I like when we did the International Festival. I like to do handwriting with Ms. Kelley. My goal is to master the Multiplication Bead Board. My goal for next year is learning the water cycle.


My favorite field trip was when we went to the McKinley Museum. It was also fun when we went on buses for our travel. I also loved when we had people in our parents’ cars. That was really fun. Next school year, I hope to be more organized and more kind.


I think I learned a lot about angles. My favorite work is science. My favorite thing to do in the classroom is journal. My goal for next school year is doing math work. My goal is focusing.


I am happy and glad that I learned the Golden Mat and Multiplication Bead Board. I learned to have better neat print and cursive handwriting. My goal is to every week get 100%. I want to learn addition on paper.


The Wax Museum was fun. It was great. I was Charles Dickens. My goals next year are to always be happy and always get my work done.


I like handwriting. I had fun at the Cleveland Zoo. Stamp Game is fun. My goals for next year are to work hard and to have fun!


I like the lessons. I love my friends. I love school so much. My goals next year are to do nice things for friends and to get good at things.

Thank you for a wonderful year! Enjoy your break and we will see you in August!

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