A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of May 13

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

This is my final blog post for the year! The post coming the final week of school will be written by all nineteen of our students about their favorite parts of this school year!

I want to thank all of you for sharing your children with us. I look forward every morning to the laughs, the successes, the learning, and even the failures and frustrations. They teach me every day more than I could ever teach them. I wanted to share some of the most hilarious things said in our room this year along with a peek into what we’ve been working on.

This student is researching the parts of a flower. After learning the parts she will learn many interesting things like how a seed is formed, the different positions of flowers on a stem, and how to tell if a plant’s seeds are monocots or dicots. Learning all of this information helps students feel an appreciation for nature and gives an understanding about how important it is.
This student has started making her own math equations using money. She has made addition, subtraction, and multiplication equations for herself. Today she added up how much money was in the entire box! It is wonderful to see students taking initiative to learn what they are interested in.
These students are writing letters to someone in the grade below them to give some advice and encouragement for their next school year. Our students listed their favorite things to work on and gave tips on how to be successful in the next school year. Look for these to arrive in mid-June!
These third graders are working on the final step of their human body research. They have studied the human body throughout this entire year. After drawing their bones and researching and recording information about our organs, they are creating a skin layer to finish their models. You will be able to check these out in the hallway next week!

2018-2019 Quotes

August 2018

Student: “Is slaughter a mean word?”

Me: “That depends on how you use it.”

Him: “Like Frosty the Slaughterman.”

September 2018

A student asked me to play a game with him in aftercare. I told him I did not have time because I needed to get home to get some things done. In his best Ms. Ashley voice he said, “Oh, I must get home to sit on my couch and pet my cat while I watch cat shows and think about cats.”

First grader: “How do you get money?”

Me: “I have a job…”

Her: “Yeah, but like, do you have a REAL job?”

October 2018

During a skeleton lesson, I notice a male student trying to get a better look at the skeleton by bringing the picture closer and closer to his face, but most specifically, the pelvic area. Immediately realizing what he was doing, I say, “It’s not a bone,” to which he replies, “Ohhhh, that makes sense.”

“Obi-Wan Ms. Ashley, you are our only hope.”

November 2018

Student: “Oh, I’ve heard of kilometers before!”

Me: “Have you heard the older kids using it when planning trips?”

Him: “What? No. I learned it playing ‘Pokemon Go’.”

December 2018

While watching “101 Dalmations” on Pajama Day:

Student 1: “Yuck! Why is that dog licking his owner’s eyes?”

Me: “My dog has licked my eyes before trying to wake me up.”

Him: “That’s disgusting! My dog only licks my tongue!”

Student 2: “My dog licks my tongue, too!”

January 2019

“Ms. Ashley, I found Beethoven’s birthday, but not Ludwig’s.”

Student: “I thought you were going to get us an extra broom yesterday?”

Me: “Well, I wasn’t planning on being here today (they were calling for a lot of snow) so I didn’t go. Plus I felt like garbage last night.”

Him: “This would be a great opportunity to say, ‘You look like garbage’ if you weren’t my teacher.”

February 2019

“You’re like a hagfish because you only have a notochord!”

Student 1: “Ms. Ashley, how do you know this song?”

Me: “Well I was alive in the early 2000s when it came out.”

Student 2: “Oh right, you were born in like 1902.”

March 2019

“You mean if I go to a thrift store I could own my own dictionary? AWESOME!”

April 2019

A conversation about snails reproducing asexually and fish producing sexually turned into someone shouting, “I’m a male and I make fertilizer!”

“A Peek at Next Week”

Next week, our first year students will add and subtract lengths, will address an envelope, will study the parts of an angle, and learn about the phyla of the animal kingdom. Our second year students will continue working with the Racks and Tubes, will study circles, and will experiment with a water pressure column. The third year students will multiply using the commutative and distributive properties, will research plants, and will build a Roman Arch. The fourth year students will count in different bases, will learn about the Vikings, and will participate in a “Determining pH” lab. Our fifth years will work with square roots and continue to study the Middle Ages.


  • FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL – Thursday, May 30 – This is also our Laser Quest Field Trip. Look for an email about the details of that day soon.

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