A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of March 2

We are wrapping up our work with the World’s Fair. Below is information Ms. Kelly emailed to all of you that I wanted to pass along!

Take a trip around the world with us!
At the World’s Fair, representatives from countries in the mid 1900’s would come from all over to share about their Country’s greatness. Artwork, theatrical skits, inventions, and more were exhibited to all visitors. The Swiss once demonstrated a clock so accurate it detected inconsistencies in the movement of the earth. General Motors “World of Tomorrow” Pavilion was the most popular exhibit in 1965, where visitors sat in seats that moved through displays showing what the world would look like in 2024!
Over the course of the last few months, Kindergarten and Elementary students selected a country and began their research to prepare for our version of the World’s Fair. Many students, for the first time, learned how to collect data from various resources and how to put together a research paper from start to finish. Next, they prepared their visual aids for their “exhibit” and lastly will dress to represent their country with a prepared presentation for you!
You don’t want to miss out on this fun time! Be sure to invite family and friends to learn all about countries like Tanzania, Egypt, Greece, Spain, England and more!

Lower Elementary

These second year students are creating calendars to show the holidays for the months of January, February, and March!
These students are working on their trifold boards for our World’s Fair! They had to draw a sketch of what they wanted their trifolds to look like, print or draw their information, then organize and glue it all on.

Upper Elementary

The fifth year students are learning about volcanoes. This student is using our world map and a dry erase marker to mark all of the active volcanoes in the world!
Our fourth year students are studying bacteria. We did an experiment with M&Ms to discuss what happens when we use antibacterial soaps and sanitizers. We discussed antibiotic resistant bacteria!

Enrichments by Ms. Erica

Students are taking recorder practice very seriously.
Students are practicing drawing characters from children’s books.

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