A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of January 21

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.” -Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Each week, I learn more and more about the students through art. For follow-up work, students are often asked to draw their research, build models, or create displays. No two pieces of these assignments are ever the same between students or throughout the years. We are able to understand a lot of the thought process of a child when they have an open-ended art project for follow-up work in  the new rooms with wall cladding installers Melbourne. When I take pictures or walk around art and music classes, I can see which students have learned to push through frustration, which students enjoy wide parameters and which prefer step-by-step guides, and which students open up when they are able to express themselves through art and music. We are so lucky to have Ms. Dayna and Ms. Lisa to give our students these opportunities.

Lower Elementary

Here one of our second year students is leading two first year students through our key pockets. They are working on the sound /th/. Our second year student invited them and had them take turns reading the cards. While working together, our older students gain confidence in their abilities and our younger students learn from their example.
Our first kindergarten student has come to visit! Here one of our first graders is leading her through some cultural work. We love to see our first year students get to be leaders to the kindergarten friends that they had in their old classrooms! We are excited for many more weeks of getting to know visitors!

Upper Elementary

We often talk in the classroom about how pushing through a normal amount of frustration with work, helps our brains grow and helps make work easier the next time. Here, a third and a fourth year student are working with our Negative Snake Game. They observed the fifth years during their lesson and wanted to try it on their own. They created an equation of adding positive and negative integers using ALL of the bead bars in the box. They were a bit frustrated at times, but pushed through and finished out the morning focused on it.
This student has started his virus research. He has chosen to research the togavirus which causes German measles and equine encephalitis. He is learning about the history of the diseases, the symptoms, and what scientists are doing to stop the spread. He will then build a model and present his research to the class!


Our first recorder class has come! Some students tested on “Hot Cross Buns,” “Gently Sleep,” and “Merrily We Roll Along.” If they pass their performance of the song, they receive a belt, like in karate. Some students received all three belts for their songs!


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