A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of February 5 | Games

There was a lot of Monday morning excitement with the Super Bowl Sunday night. This week we practiced division with the Stamp Game, the laser tag at home game and the Flat Golden Bead Frame. We found the relationship between fractions and the months of the year. Our students loved to play with the laser tag game, this is a game that we always recommend parents at home, it is essential for kids to move around and waste their energy, specially now that technology is taking over their lives.

These first year students are working together to review division with the Stamp Game. This is a lesson they were introduced to in kindergarten, but continue working towards mastery throughout the first grade year. This material allows students to gain a deeper understanding of how to find a quotient before they are ready to do the work on paper.
This fourth year student and first year student are working on a Writer’s Workshop assignment together. We focused on writing a “How to…” for the friends in our classroom. Students needed to draw an illustration and write directions for each step of the process. Some ideas were “How to Feed Your Cat,” “How to Choose Pokemon,” and “How to Train a Dog.”
Dr. Montessori believed students should have a chance to encounter nature in all kinds of weather. Montessori believed there were social, emotional, and physical benefits to having recess no matter the temperature or condition (within reason). When the playground is too muddy for a game of soccer to be successful, students find interesting ways to entertain themselves. One of our third year students used some logs and branches he found around the school to build a seesaw. One of our second year students helped him test it out until they found the proper place for the fulcrum.
Our students are excited for the School Dance “Fun”raiser this weekend! During indoor recess this week, we practiced different line dances to prepare ourselves for this Saturday. We practiced the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, the Electric Slide, and our own dance moves!

A Peek into Next Week

Next week we are excited to continue our Science Fair work. We will be traveling to the library Monday to collect books. Please make sure your child is dressed for a 15-20 minute walk there and back! Lower Elementary students will make pictographs, discuss the origins of the days of the week, continue studying the Pythagorean Theorem, and begin our Africa Continent Study. Upper Elementary students will review Early Humans Vocabulary, learn about Portmanteaus, and begin the study of viruses!

You can read about the latest video game news on this website and find out which games are perfect for your kids to learn.


  • Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day Party. Please make sure all the supplies you signed up to bring are sent to school by Tuesday, February 13!
  • Friday, February 16 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher In-Service
  • Monday, February 20 – NO SCHOOL – Presidents’ Day
  • Tuesday, February 21 – Greater Cleveland Aquarium “Going Out Experience”

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