A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of February 11

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Albert Einstein

One of my favorite parts of the Elementary curriculum is the real experiences the children get through field trips, “Going Out Experiences,” and the projects we do in the classroom, like growing food in our aquaponic system. This week we had the privilege of seeing the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall AND started germinating our seeds for the aquaponic system. At the Orchestra, we were surprised with box seats and were introduced to instruments we had never heard in person, like the harp! This was especially exciting for students that are researching composers for the Wax Museum. The children were so excited and even danced along to the music. This morning a student said aloud, “I know we have good teachers. I mean, they took us TO THE ORCHESTRA even though there’s only twenty of us!” We all had a great time and learned a lot about how an orchestra performs.

These second year students are studying the different angles formed when you cut two oblique lines with a transversal. They found that the transversal results in eight angles. They built external angles, internal angles, alternating internal and external angles, and internal and external angles on the same side of the transversal. One student also found out how to write his name with the Box of Sticks material!
This first grade friend is enjoying the light snow we had this week. We found a part of the playground that was untouched by footprints or tire tracks so everyone made a snow angel at the same time!
These second graders are working on the second half of their “Mapping the Classroom” follow-up work. They had to draw a map of one part of our classroom, with a map key, then had to get it approved by a teacher before moving on to the next phase. They are recreating what they previously mapped using poster board and construction paper. We are excited to see the end results!
These partners are working on changing a cube to its successive cube. They started with the cube of four and added our building materials to physically turn it into the cube of five. After they built their new cube, they took it apart to write the equation to check their work. Finally, they subtracted what materials they added from the cube of five to find the difference in numerical value of the cube of four and the cube of five. Their equation was 4^3 + 3(4^2 x 1) + 3(1^2 x 4) + 1^3 = 5^3
Our view from our box seats at the Orchestra! We had the best time!

“A Peek at Next Week”

Next week, we will write the final drafts of our Wax Museum research! Our first year students will discuss the adverb, types of stems, and nematodes. Our second year students will practice abbreviating, will solve word problems about currency, and will study famous rock formations. Our third years will discuss plural possessives, will learn about plants through riddles, and will study time zones. Our fourth year students will continue studying early humans and the Monera Kingdom! Our fifth year students will work on animal research, will learn about Tom Swifties, and will begin learning how to measure circles!


  • NO SCHOOL – Monday, February 18 – Presidents’ Day
  • “Bring Your Parent to ‘Work Time'” – Sign up here
  • Wax Museum date changed to Monday, March 18 due to a scheduling conflict with St. Mark’s

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