A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of December 16

“The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.” – T.D. Jakes

Wow, we are already at Christmas Break! For our last blog of the year 2019, I wanted to share some things I have learned from your children so far this year. I have learned that when the adults in my life do not care about dog vomit slime mold, the history of rabies, or tests you can conduct on the iron in your blood, the students all care and LOVE to know what I am learning. I have learned that you can make recess fun with just a tire, some rope, and a lot of creativity and teamwork. I have learned that you can never ask too many good questions, even if you have been on the same topic, in the same building, of the same field trip, for forty-five minutes. I have learned that when a student is struggling, a pep talk from a friend has the power to reignite a sense of confidence that seemed to be long gone. I have learned that when one of our own invites us to see one of their many talents, we never let them stop feeling like we are proud of them. I have learned when things get tough and I ask them what they are going to do about it, they are able to ask for help or come up with an idea using all of the skills we are currently working on because they really are listening.

Lower Elementary

This first year student is working on the follow-up work for his first Sentence Analysis lesson! He is writing sentences and labeling which part is the subject of the sentence and which part is the action. Later in these lessons, he will learn about direct and indirect objects in sentences and how they give more information about the subject and action!
This second year student is learning about the fundamental needs of Egyptians! She learned about their tools, communication, shelter, defense, and is now writing her name in Hieroglyphics!

Upper Elementary

Here three fourth year students have asked another Upper Elementary student to help them figure out the prime factors of a few numbers they chose. This student decided it would be best for him to reintroduce the lesson to them, instead of just telling them what steps he would take. The fourth year students were very respectful and our “teaching” student was incredibly patient! The lesson was such a success!
Here we have a fifth year friend explaining his work to a third year friend. This fifth year student recently had a lesson on squaring a binomial algebraically and realized he could solve a number of any size with the information he learned, not just a binomial. He chose a number with FIFTY digits! We cannot wait to see how many digits the product has!


Both our Upper and Lower Elementary students have been working for the past month with wire stretching! Throughout their time, they sketched what they wished to create, made a cube, created a project from their own imagination, and completed a self-reflection on the project. Check out their work near the sign-in tablet!



  • Christmas Break begins today! School resumes Monday, January 6
  • Upper Elementary Squid Dissection Field Trip – Thursday, January 9 – Please make sure to have permission slips in by the 9th!
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are Friday, January 17 – Sign ups are below:

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