A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | March 11 – March 20

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

We are down to only eight more weeks of school! I cannot believe it! Our first years are beginning to build their own Simple Machines with a partner. Our second years are completing their study of polygons with five or more sides and are beginning to look at triangles. Our third years getting ready to move on to the Pythagorean Theorem. Our fourth year students are wrapping up their study of early humans. Our fifth years are continuing to study Ancient Civilizations. Take a peek at the wonderful work we have been doing these last two weeks.

The fourth year students are finishing up their study of early humans. After taking notes, drawing sketches, and creating their own timeline of groups of early humans, they were presented the early human family tree. We separated all of the early humans into the groups of Ardipithecus, Australopithecus, Paranthropus, and Homo. They loved comparing the skull shapes!
Our first year students were recently introduced to Simple Machines. They learned about an inclined plane, a screw, a pulley, a wheel and axle, a wedge, and a lever. They chose partners to research and build their machine together!
Our second year students are studying the polygon family. They have discussed names of polygons and regular and irregular polygons. These students are discovering why the triangle is called “The Constructor!”
These students built half of a cube with our cubing material and took two days to write and solve the equation. They were introduced to a lesson about finding the square root of a number, but CHOSE to do this as follow-up work instead! Check under the next photo to see what they came up with!

2[12(9^2) + 13(8^2) + 12(7^2) + 13(6^2) + 8(5^2) + 9(4^2) + 8(3^2) + 24(2^2) + 82(1^2) + 12(1^2 x 10) + 20(1^2 x 9) + 20(1^2 x 8) + 12(1^2 x 7) + 20(1^2 x 6) +20(1^2 x 5) + 20(1^2 x 4) + 20(1^2 x 3) + 20(1^2 x 2)]
Wax Museum

Our students worked so hard over the course of two months to prepare for the Wax Museum. Please refer to the previous blog (below this post) to read all of the details! Here are some photos of their great work! Thank you to all parents and family members that came to show your support and that donated to our Bake Sale for the Upper Elementary Trip this August!

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