A Peek Into Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 9/27/21

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

This week was all about Fall.  We talked about all of the things we will notice as summer changes to fall.  The temperature outside will become cooler, the leaves will change colors and fall from the trees.  We talked about what different animals, like squirrels and birds, are doing to prepare for the change in seasons.

We also discussed the 4 Seasons this week.  This is a topic we will return to several times this school year as we take the time to observe the world around us as it changes.

Also… Happy Birthday Ms. Sam!  We hope you enjoy your special day!

Your Children Worked HARD This Week!

We saw our first signs of normalization within our classroom this week. “Normalization is the foundation upon which ‘spontaneous discipline, continuous and happy work, social sentiments of help and sympathy for others.…’ (The Absorbent Mind) arise. It is a time where children learn to focus and concentrate their energies for long periods of time, while taking personal satisfaction in their work.”


While the plan may have been to study the seasons, your children had other interests in mind.  For them, this week was all about letter sounds, sand trays, and the continents!  So we followed their lead, introduced them to some new work activities, and watched as the amount of time they are able to focus on a work grew and grew.  Ms. Sam and Ms. Tonya are so proud of our Cherry Blossoms!

This child is using the Sand Tray with the Sandpaper Numbers to practice writing the numerals with her finger.

This child is using the Sand Tray with the Cursive Sandpaper Letters to prepare for handwriting.

This child is reviewing the letters and letter sounds that we have been working on in the classroom.  He is using his knowledge of letter sounds to place the picture under the sound that the word begins with.

Ms. Tonya introducing a child to the Moveable Alphabet.  This child is using her knowledge of letter sounds to sound out the words “cat”, “car”, and “rat” using pictures as a guide.

This child is being introduced to the names of the continents using the Continent Globe and the World Map Puzzle.

Ms. Tonya introducing a child to an extension with the World Map Puzzle.  Now that this child is comfortable with the map of the continents, he can trace them to create his own map.

Check out that map!  Do I also spy the word “World” written  on the top in cursive?!?

Work Plans are still going well in our classroom with our older students!  Some of the children have begun to write their own work choices onto their work plan!

Peek Into Next Week!

We will continue to learn about about Fall/Autumn, as well as study the Parts of a Tree.  We will spend some extra time outside this week as we observe some of the trees around our school building.

Letter: Ee

Number: 5

Sight Word: is

PICTURE DAY is on Tuesday, October 5th!  

For Parents that signed up to be a party helper – look for the Halloween Party Sign Up in your email soon!  Halloween Party with be on Friday, October 29th!

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