Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 3/7/22

A Peek At Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

A HUGE thank you to all of the families that attended our Breakfast Club this morning!  It was so nice to spend some time with families and friends before our school day began.  We enjoyed joining conversations and hope the All About Mom and Dad papers made you smile!  And a huge thank you to everyone for making my birthday special as well!  My heart is full today!


This week we talked about weather!  We learned that weather is what we see outside, and that it can change throughout the day!  We also learned that temperature is the way it feels outside.  We briefly dicussed different types of weather and will continue to do so all month long as we fill in our March weather graph.  What type of weather do you think we’ll have the most of this month?


We also talked about the water cycle this week, learning big words such as: collection, evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.  We started a science experiment in our room that can show us all of the steps of the water cycle, and we’ll keep talking about this cycle next week as we take a deeper look at clouds.


What have the 5 year olds been up to in our mixed age classroom?

This child is working with the Trinomial Cube.  She has practiced building the cube in the box and on the lid, and is now working with the pieces of the cube on the table.

This child is composing large numbers with the Golden Bead material in our classroom. We break numbers down into units, tens, hundreds, and thousands and then the child can use the bead material to build that number in a concrete way.

This child is using the moveable alphabet to write words without pictures.  We were focusing on making “at” and “in” word families with known words and nonsense words.

This child has been working with individual sandpaper letters and is now working with the sandpaper letter blends to practice connecting letters together while writing in cursive.

This child is working with our 3 part cards.  3 part cards include a control card with picture and word, a picture card, and a word card.  The child will lay out the control cards, then match the pictures cards to the control cards, and finally match the word cards.  We use 3 part cards in the Language, Geography, and Science areas of the classroom to build upon our focus lessons.

International Festival News!!!

The Cherry Blossom Class will be studying the continent of AFRICA for the International Festival.  We’ll be diving right in after Spring Break so make sure your child signs up for the country that they would like to represent by Friday, March 18th!


Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  Spring, Clouds, and Rainbows!

Letter of the Week: Bb

Number of the Week: 17

Important Dates:

March 24: Elementary LIVE Wax Museum – 6:00-7:00pm

March 28-April 1: NO SCHOOL – Spring Break!

April 18: NO SCHOOL – Easter Monday

May 4: International Festival Rehearsal

May 6: International Festival

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