Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 2/7/22

A Peek At Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

The Cherry Blossoms had a very busy week this week!  We excitedly learned about DINOSAURS!  We talked about different kinds of dinosaurs, learned big words such as: carnivore, herbivore, extinct, and palentologist, and matched dinosaurs to their skeletons.  One of our friends brought a dinosaur book from home and read it to us!

This week we also talked about Valentine’s Day!  We hope that you enjoyed all of our special heart crafts that were brought home!

A Special Visit from a Dental Hygienist!

Ms. Taylor from Dr. Pollock’s office came to visit us on Wednesday.  She talked to us about how to take care of our teeth by brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash! And then we were able to surprise her with how much we knew about Grow Foods and Sometimes Foods.

Enrichment Spotlight – Library with Ms. Cat!

Ms. Cat taught us about hibernation and migration this week during Library.  While we loved the books and songs she shared, what we loved most was meeting her cockatiel Ginger!  Since our class loves birds SO MUCH this was a very exciting visit with Ms. Cat!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  Our Earth and Habitats

Letter of the Week: Dd

Number of the Week: 14

Important Dates:  February 14: Valentine’s Day – Pajama Day & Show and Tell

February 18: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice Day

February 21: NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

Bring Your Parent To Work Days: Come observe your child working within the classroom to see what their day looks like!  Sign up here:


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