Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 1/31/22

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

It may have been an unexpected short week (Hello Snow!) but we still managed to pack a lot of learning into three days!

We wrapped up our study of Healthy Bodies by talking about BONES!  We talked about skeletons – ours and other animals.  We learned the names of some of our biggest bones and discussed the important work that bones do, like keeping our bodies upright and protecting our organs.

February Holidays!

We learned about two February Holidays this week – Chinese New Year and Groundhog’s Day.  We made tigers to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and learned all about shadows with Ms. Sam.  We were VERY interested in shadows, which we think may need to make a come back in the lesson plans very soon! Next up is Valentine’s Day!

Recess Fun!

Recess was super fun this week!  We practiced our kicking skills in the gym on Monday, played in the snow on Tuesday, and had fun throwing and catching on Wednesday!

A Huge Cherry Blossom Welcome to our New Student!

Stay warm! Stay safe! And enjoy all of that snow!  See you next week!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  DINOSAURS and Valentine’s Day!

Letter of the Week: Uu

Number of the Week: 13

Important Dates:  February 14: Valentine’s Day – Pajama Day & Show and Tell

February 18: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice Day

February 21: NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

Bring Your Parent To Work Days: Come observe your child working within the classroom to see what their day looks like!  Sign up here:

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