Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 1/17/22

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

What a week it has been!  We had some very exciting days at the beginning  of the week full of SNOW right after we finished our focus topic of winter!  Thank you Mother Nature!

This week we started a new focus topic – Healthy Bodies!  We discussed Healthy Habits that keep us healthy such as: eating healthy foods, drinking water, sleeping, moving our bodies, and good hygiene.  We practiced washing our hands, learned why its important to brush our teeth, and talked about how soap works.

During preschool lesson, we introduced the five food groups: proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy.  We learned that proteins make us strong, grains give us energy, fruits and vegetables keep us healthy, and dairy keeps our teeth and bones strong.  We also discussed what we call “Grow Foods” and “Sometimes Foods”.

Happy Birthday to our newest 5 year old!

Enrichment Spotlight – Library with Ms. Cat!

We were able to visit Ms. Cat in the library this week to talk about snow!  We read The Snowy Day and then sang a special snowflake song.  We love visiting with Ms. Cat!

We Don’t Talk About Bruno!

As your children work throughout the day, they often sing to themselves.  And there’s only one song that we’ve heard the past few weeks… I am sure you can guess what it is!  So we had an impromptu “Encanto” dance party this week!  It was amazing!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  Internal Organs and Healthy Foods

Letter of the Week: Gg

Number of the Week: 11

Important Dates:  February 14: Valentine’s Day – Pajama Day & Show and Tell

February 18: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice Day

February 21: NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

Bring Your Parent To Work Days: Come observe your child working within the classroom to see what their day looks like!  Sign up here:


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