Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 1/10/22

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

This week we discussed Hibernation, Migration, and Adaptation!  We talked all about animals that need to sleep through the cold months, the animals that move south where it is warmer, and the animals that grow extra fur or feathers so that they can stay here for the winter.  We learned that wood frogs almost freeze completely solid except for their hearts and lungs, arctic foxes fur can change from brown to white to help with camoflauge, and birds are not the only animals that migrate – humpback whales and caribou do too!

We also participated in our winter Wildlife Wednesday!  While discussing the types of birds that adapt to our Northeast Ohio weather we determined that it would be hard for them to find food.  Our solution was to feed the birds  that we often see outside of our classroom windows!  We hung up two bird feeders right outside our classroom and then made our own bird feeders to place in the bushes outside.  We are looking forward to bird watching all winter long!


All About Those Shapes!

My favorite part of the Montessori environment is that the children direct their own learning.  Our lesson plans said winter, but the students decided they needed to learn as much about shapes this week as they possibly could!  We spent many line times this week talking about sides and angles, as well as looking for shapes all over the school building!  We adore their excitement about the world around them!

Enrichment Spotlight – Music with Ms. Lisa!

We have been studying “Peter and the Wolf” during music class.  Each character in the story is portrayed by a different instrument.  We have enjoyed listening to these different instruments and acting out the story.

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  Healthy Habits and Healthy Foods

Letter of the Week: Xx

Number of the Week: Making 10

Important Dates:  January 17: NO SCHOOL – MLK Jr. Day

February 14: Valentine’s Day – Pajama Day & Show and Tell

February 18: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice Day

February 21: NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

Bring Your Parent To Work Days: Come observe your child working within the classroom to see what their day looks like!  Sign up here:


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