A Peek Into Our Week – August 27, 2021

A Peek at Our Week

What a wonderful start to our school year!  This week we learned about the ground rules in our classroom.  We learned the expected behaviors for work time and were introduced to new work trays in the Practical Life area so that we can strengthen our fine motor skills. We explored Knobbed Cylinders and their dimensions, and also learned our daily routine.  We love eating lunch in the multipurpose room and enjoy the playground even more!

Preschool Lesson included reading books and learning about emotions and feelings.  We highly recommend the books My Many Colored Days, The Color Monster, and I’m Happy-Sad Today if you’d like to check them out from the library.  See if your children can sing you “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with all of the different feelings words!  We’ll be returning to these feeling words all school year long as we learn to express ourselves using our words.

These two children enjoyed having snack together on the first day of school!

A sneak peek at what work time looks like!  These children are working on their fine motor skills, naming objects, and I spy some Pink Tower and Brown Stair extensions!

On the very first day of school, we were able to take a close look at a monarch butterfly, the chrysalis it emerged from, and released it outside!  We were so excited to watch the butterfly fly away!  We’ll explore more of the butterfly life cycle this spring!

Miss Tonya and Miss Samantha are so excited to welcome all of our new friends to the Cherry Blossom classroom!

Peek into Next Week!

We’re going to be learning all about the 5 Senses!  During Preschool Lesson we will be learning All About Me! Please make sure to return your child’s All About Me papers next week, we will be sharing them with the class and hanging them up in our classroom.

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