A peek into Tae Kwon Do | Session 3

This is the group from the second trial day. Each class has a chance to come and try a Tae Kwon Do class. These instructors were awesome substitutes while Master Barnick was recovering from surgery.

Session three begins!

At the start of each class the students warm up with some exercise. Time for some jumping jacks!
Here the class is running some warm up drills.


Running over the ladder. This activity requires each student to wait their turn patiently, get some exercise while running over the ladder and following the specific instructions on how to go through the ladder.


This young martial artist is practicing his punching.
Our girl ninjas are great punchers!
Our most seasoned Tae Kwon Do student practices her punching with Master Turley.
This student is practicing his punching and balance.


This young Ninja is working on his balance while blocking the sword.
This little Ninja is practicing his punching while balancing. Check out the cool golden paddle!


This is the bubble wrap game. The students first practice walking across the bubble wrap so carefully that no bubbles are popped. Then, each student gets to stomp as hard as they can to try and pop as many bubbles as they can while their instructor gives them a count down. You and your kids can learn these techniques on this https://trifudojo.com.au/ professional dojo. 
Practicing forms.



Get ready to push that ball away!


Here, this student is practicing punching the ball away from him back to the instructor.

Belt Testing!

This student is about to break her board!


Time for a belt upgrade!


Congrats To all our Tae Kwon Do students! Session 3 is a wrap!

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