November, 2017

Courtney Owens

Human Conductor of Electricity: The students learned that electricity is a flow of electrons through a circuit. We used an energy stick to demonstrate this and in order for it to became active, two ends had to be connected in a circle by students. This allowed the electrons to flow through it. The energy stick was so sensitive that it could detect the tiniest flow of electrons through the moisture on our skin.

Fireproof Balloon: We filled an ordinary balloon up with water and air and another balloon up with just air. Then we held a lit candle underneath each balloon. The balloon with just air popped immediately. The balloon with water and air took longer to pop this is because the water in the balloon was soaking up the heat, allowing the heat to pass through. As the water closet to the flame heats up and rises the cooler water began to replace the water on the bottom of the balloon. Eventually, the heat of the flame became greater than the waters ability to conduct heat away from the balloon and in turn the balloon popped.


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