April, 2018

Courtney Owens

Water Molecules on the Move:  We filled two glasses with the same amount of water: one cold and one hot. Then, we put one drop of food coloring into both glasses at the same time. The students observed that the food coloring traveled quicker through the hot water than the cold water. We discussed how molecules move faster through hot water which is why the food coloring spread faster.

Traveling Water: We taped a piece of string inside one glass then filled it with water. After that we placed the loose string in the empty glass, pouring the full glass of water over the string. When we poured the water it traveled along the string making its way into the empty glass. We talked about how a drop of water has many molecules that are held together by electrical, molecular bonds.  We learned that these strong hydrogen bonds found in water are what  allowed the  water molecules to stick together very well as the water traveled down the string and into the empty glass.

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