April, 2018

Courtney Owens

Floating paperclip: First, we filled a bowl with water then without much luck we tried to make a paperclip float. We decided to tear off a piece of tissue paper placing it on top of the water. After that we laid the paperclip on top of the tissue paper. Using the eraser end of a pencil we carefully poked the tissue paper until it sank, and it left the paperclip floating. We were able to perform this experiment because of surface tension.

Colorful sugar water density tower: We filled three cups up with different colored water. Then, we added different amounts of sugar to each cup of colored water (3 tablespoons, 6 tablespoons and 9 tablespoons). Using an eyedropper we layered the water with the most dissolved sugar on the bottom, the middle amount of sugar in the middle and the least amount of sugar on the top. We discovered that the water containing the most amount of sugar was more dense, allowing the water with less sugar  to stack on top of the mixture with a higher density.


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