A Peek into Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

The last two weeks we read a poem called Stray Cat. It was describing a mangy, dirty cat that the speaker of the poem found. We learned about different aspects of a poem, like what stanzas are, who the speaker is in a poem, and how words in poems usually rhyme. We disscused why the speaker used so many describing words for the cat, and decided it was because the speaker wanted you to be able to imagine what the cat looked like.


The children took turns sharing their drawings of how they think the stray cat looks.
Sharing what he wondered about while listening to the poem for the first time.

A Peek into the Next Two Weeks

-We will be reading a story about a couple who are granted three wishes

-We will be learning about what  folk tale is.

-We will be having a discussion with interpretive questions.



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