A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last couple weeks the kindergartners read a poem called Every Time I Climb a Tree. The poem is about a little boy who enjoys climbing trees, and describes what all he sees while he’s in the tree. To start the reading we went outside and observed the trees and discussed what we saw and heard while observing. We then read the poem together and talked about how poems have rhythm, so we clapped out the rhythm together while I read aloud. The students got to write their own poem of a place that makes them feel free like the boy felt in the poem. They also drew what things the boy sees while he’s up in the tree. Because, it was the end if the volume, the students got to pick a character from the last three stories we read to ask a question.

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will listen to a story about a lazy rich man.

-The students will answer interpretive questions and complete activities about the story.

-The students will evaluate how well they shared and listened to each other during the story.

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