March, 2020

Courtney Owens

The last story we read was Jamaica’s Blue Marker. This story is about a little boy who never has supplies he needs and gets in trouble.  The main character, Jamaica has to share her supplies with him for art class. The little boy, Russel gets mad at Jamaica and scribbles on her paper. Later the teacher announces that Russel is moving. They throw him a going away party and Jamaica ends up giving him her blue marker so that he could use it at his new school.

The kindergartners are drawing a scene from the story.

After each reading the students participated in discussions, sharing questions, and drawing scenes from the story. We also talked about situations where someone did something mean to us and how we reacted. The group also shared who they talk to when they’re  upset just like Jamaica did in the story.

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

– The students will learn what a poem is.

– The students will learn the vocabulary words: dainty, elegant, and silky.

– The students will write their own poems.


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