February, 2020

Courtney Owens

In reading group the kindergarteners listened to a story called, Big Wolf and Little Wolf. In the story, a little wolf approaches Big Wolf. Big Wolf gets nervous that this wolf might be bigger and better than he. It ends up that this wolf is smaller and starts copying what Big Wolf does. Little Wolf doesn’t follow Big Wolf when he goes for a walk an when Big Wolf returns, Little Wolf is no longer there. Big Wolf find that he is now lonely withought his friend, and worries about him. When Little Wolf returns, Big Wolf is happy and he lets Little Wolf copy him and follow him around all of the time.

During Reading Group time, the students participated in group discussions, evaluative activities, and comprehension activities. These activities include drawing scenes from the story, and writing down their own thoughts and feelings. After the last reading, the students evaluated how well they wondered while listening to the story. Then, they came up with a goal for the next reading sessions. They said they will do better at listening to their friends’ questions.

A Peek Into The Next Two Weeks

-The kindergartners will listen to the story Jamaica’s Blue Marker

-The kindergartners will learn the vocabulary words: grab,  bother, and upset.

-The kindergartners will participate in comprehension and movement activities.

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