December, 2019

Courtney Owens

This was our last Mo Willams book for Reading Group. We read My Friend Is Sad. In the book, Elephant is sad and Piggie tries to cheer him up by dressing up as a cowboy, robot, and a clown, but this does not cheer Elephant up. It ends up that Gerald did not know that it was Piggie in the costumes and all he wanted was  his friend, not the clown, robot, and cowboy. Piggie jokes at the end that Gerald needs new glasses.

During the readings, the students listended to me read and repeated the words after me. We had discussions about how the characters were feeling in the book, and why Piggie would tell Gerald he needed new glasses. The group wrote responses to prompts such as, what they were wondering about and why the robot, cowboy, and robot didn’t cheer Gerald up.


The students are posing for the last reading group before the new year.


A Peek Into The Next Reading Group

-The studens will be starting the Junior Great Book series.

-The students will be listening to stories and poems.

-The students will participate in comprehension and evaluative activities.

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