A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the past few weeks due to all of the days off, the kindergartners listened to a story called The Fire Cat. This story is about a cat who constantly gets in to trouble, and then ends up doing great things after working with a group of firemen. We had an interpretive discussion about the story. We talked about why Mrs. Goodkind told Pickles he isn’t good or bad but “mixed-up”, and why was Pickles happy at the end of the story. They had to write down responses to questions and draw a picture of a scene from the story. The kindergartners even got to act out a scene where Pickles chased the smaller cats. They love getting to move and pretend to be the characters from stories.

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will listen to a poem.

-The students will learn about rhythm in poems.

-The students will practice choral reading.



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