October, 2019

Courtney Owens

In reading group we read the Mo Willems’ book I Am Invited to a Party! In the story, Piggie gets invited to a party and asks Elephant to come with him. They do not know what type of party it is, so they discuss how they should dress. They end up dressing for a fancy, costume, pool party.

After each reading the kindergartners completed different activities. They wrote about what they were wondering about, and what kind of party they would want to go to. Then, they drew what they thought Elephant and Piggie did at the party, and what they would wear if they went to a party.

These students are drawing aht they would wear if they went to a party.
The kindergartners are drawing what they think Piggie and Elephant did at the party.


A Peek Into the Next Weeks

-The students will be reading Waiting is so Hard

-The students will participate in comprehension and evaluative  activites.

-The students will participate in discussion about the story.

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