October, 2019

Courtney Owens

Over the past two weeks, we read the book My New Friend Is So Fun. In this book, Elephant and Snake find out that their best friends are playing together. They get worried that their best friends are having more fun together and will forget about them. It ends up that Piggie and Brian Bat (Elephant and Snake’s best friends) were playing best friend games. They decided to draw their best friends, Elephant and Snake. At the end the two main characters are happy their friends are having fun.

After the readings, the kindergartners participated in discussions, writing activities, and drawing activities to aid in comprehension. Once the students are finished with their papers, they share and we discuss their ideas.

The kindergartners are drawing Piggie and Brian Bat playing best friend games.
This sudent is sharing her drawing with the group.

 A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will be listening to the Mo Willems  book, We Are in a Book.

-The students will be participating in comprehension and evaluative activities.

-The students will be participating in a craft that goes along with the story.

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